The beginning…

I’ve wanted to keep a blog for forever. I’ve started many times, but I’m more of a blog-reader than a blog-poster. Today we will try again. I’ve decided to re-start because I’m saddened by the news that one of my favorite blogs is ending.  I’ve been a faithful follower of this blog for many months and over this time I feel like I got to know the writer and her family through her anecdotes and pictures.  She made life look glamorous and, in a sense, gave me something to strive for -the welcoming house, the fun travels, the adorable family, the sheer happiness and enjoyment of life.  And then, just like that, she was announcing her good-bye to all her blog readers, and to her marriage. It was reality and it sucked. I closed my computer and felt empty and sad for this woman and man and children that I had never met but had still become a small part of my life.

Now, with all the free time I’ve been handed by not having her blog to read, I’m going to try and keep my own online journal to chronicle the beautiful moments of my life and as an outlet to vent my frustrations and opinions, which only seem to get stronger as I get older. I need an outlet. Hopefully, this will be it.



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