Golden Girls

Last night Jo and I hit up McNally Robinsons for the book launch of It’s Your Money, Honey by Laura McDonald and Susan Misner.  Jo had heard about them on CBC radio and was so excited to see them that her excitement was contagious and I, having never even heard of these women before nor having ever had the slightest interest in finances, could barely contain myself.

“They are so glamorous,” I stated as I quickly googled them. I wanted to be like them. Not anymore…

“Dad’s going to buy us the book,” Jo stated. Neither of us saw the irony of that statement at the time. Besides, I never claimed to be the financial independent woman this book is geared towards.

Anyway, we didn’t let Dad buy us the book. I was a little embarrassed for having gone in the first place, and wouldn’t have been able to handle the scorn of being seen reading the book. Maybe that’s harsh. Maybe the book is awesome. But their presentation last night wasn’t.

It started off with a lame prayer. Normally I don’t think prayer is lame. In fact, I think it is super awesome. But when it involves asking God for thick bank accounts and slim waistlines, and a reminder not to get the two confused like last year, then i groan.  It only got worse from there as the two of them claimed this book was the financial bible for women of all ages, though the short snippets they quoted really did not seem relevant for or interesting to me. The Q & A portion was opened with an invitation to ask questions, “but only easy questions, because we’re really tired.”  Fortunately, no one had any questions, and the whole schpeel was over in about 30 minutes.

So yeah, it was kinda disappointing. The only thing I gleaned from the whole event was the importance of financial freedom. I want that for me. I want that for my daughter. But I didn’t buy the book, so I’m not 100% certain how to achieve that -especially today.  I think saving my money (ahem –Dad’s) and not buying the book was a step in the right direction.  Other than that, I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and say a little prayer.

The highlight of the evening was drinking tea and eating brownies with Jo. It was lovely until she caused a scene by smashing the table’s candleholder onto the floor.  Sometimes I think I can’t take her anywhere…


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