Cycle chic (Manitoba style)

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”  ~John F. Kennedy

This has been a crazy winter weather-wise. Crazy wonderful (although I do miss the snow…).  But these ridiculously warm temperatures have allowed us to spend so much more time outside than we normally would in the usual -40 weather.  Watching my little toddler learn to make snowangels and snowmen, teaching her about yellow snow, and watching her watching the deer scavenge for food in our backyard are just some of the little luxuries this weather has afforded us. But the highlight of this winter is all the cycling we’ve been able to do.  I LOVE cycling. It makes me feel healthy and alive, and European (which is a feeling I’m constantly after).  And my little girl loves it too and sings loudly for me to hear as we cruise along the snow-barren streets of our neighbourhood.  But it is lonely out there…

There don’t appear to be a lot of leisure cyclists outside these days, not matter how beautiful the weather is.  Not everyone shares this appreciation for cycling with me. In fact, a lot of people, usually moms, seem horrified when I tell them I cycle (for fun) in winter.  They think my little girl will freeze, that it’s not safe for her, that it’s not safe for me etc. etc. They are all wrong. (Yes, I did hit slip on a patch of ice once, but our bike trailer didn’t even flinch, and my crash merely provided entertainment and endless giggles for my daughter.)

Kids love cycling and they will love it more if you love it too. Plus, with all the fancy bike gear out there, it’s so safe and so easy (and so warm).  This is what I use to tote groceries and my child and This is what I wish I had.  So let’s enjoy this weather and get out on our bikes.

Check out this awesome blog that makes cycling all the more glamorous.


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