Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our morning was filled with heart shaped pancakes and dancing to Michael Buble’s “I just haven’t met you yet”.  I’m not usually a fan of his, but it was on the radio and seemed like the perfect upbeat tune for this beautiful morning. Also on the radio was news that Winnipeg is home to one of the top 10 most romantic hotels IN THE WORLD! What?!? At first I was shocked to see Winnipeg on the list, sandwiched between some Fiji and Hawaii resort, but then I realized Winnipeg really is a romantic city. Especially on super sunny winter days, like today.  So don’t delay, book one of the Marriagi’s 8 theme suites today to help celebrate all things romantic!

And if an entire night out isn’t for you, here are my top 10 romantic hot-spots in Winnipeg.  Most are restaurants, but hey, the way to the heart is through the stomach…

1. Fude Restaurant

2. Fusion Grill

3. Wagon Wheel Restaurant (for their clubhouse and milkshakes -lunch only. Plus, they have really good ketchup…)

3. Manitoba Museum planetarium because stars are always romantic…

4. Inferno Bistro

5. Assiniboine Park. Pack some fair trade hot chocolate and go for a walk.

6. Step’n Out Restaurant. They claim to be the most romantic restaurant in the city. Plus, they are only steps away from the Mariaggi Hotel. It’s too easy!

7. L’Epi de Ble. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been to this raved-about French bakery yet.  I’ve been saving the trip for something special (like today).  Little Boo and I are headed over there right after nap time to pick us up some macaroons.  I’m so excited.

8. Winnipeg Jets vs. NY Islanders. Who wouldn’t want to spend the evening with Adam Ladd?

9. Sam’s Place. A 3-course Feast for St. Valentine’s for only $15! The food is super good, funds go to a great cause, and who doesn’t love to dine in a little bookshop. Browse the books while you wait for your dessert.

10. Chez Sophie Bistro and Pizzeria.  Best. Pizza. Ever.

Whittling this list down to 10 was hard. Really hard. Winnipeg really is a sweet place to be. Now go out and celebrate!


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