What does love look like?

Alright, a little controversy to start the day and maybe give you and your loved one something to debate about over your candlelit dinner tonight.  As many of you know, a recent youtube video went viral. It’s about a fed-up parent taking his frustrations out on-line and on his daughter’s laptop.  Too much?

CBC Radio had some guy, David Code, give his two cents worth on the topic and it kinda made me re-evaluate my initial response to the video and asked a really good question: What does [parental] love look like?  Is it showering your child with endless gifts and attention? Code strongly disagrees.

According to Code, love is teaching your kids to:

-behave and be responsible

-look after their selves and their property, or, as Code stated, “keep house”

-respect authority

I definitely agree with those key points.  Mind you, how you achieve successfully achieve those goals is a whole other topic.  But he raised some other interesting points.  He stated that many parents are unsuccessful in their parenting because their main goal is to be their child’s friend. They are, as Code put it, “married to their kids, and not their spouse”.  They fear they will be too neglectful or too demanding of their children, and thus, children becomes too demanding of their parents and too neglectful of anything beyond themselves.  They are spoiled and demanding with dangerous levels of entitlement. Parents do this out of love, but in reality, they are setting their children up for failure in the real world.

I agree. But I still think the gun was too extreme.

YouTube -Angry Dad


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