Happy Galentine’s Day!

Who would’ve thought the simple act of replacing a V with a G could make a gal so happy?  Thank you, Leslie Knopp from Park and Rec, for planting the idea of having a Galentine’s Day celebration in my sister, T’s head.

Basking in the happiness of yesterday’s celebration, I realized there were a few things that made a night that has the potential to be a nightmare magnificently magical.

#1: Ensure that your Galentine’s Day celebration is full of glamour gals!  Although T has a wonderful husband, the rule of no men was easy to follow as T’s Mr. was away at a meeting for work.  And as one of my girlfriends and I are both single, the no men allowed rule was not threatened by us either.  (However, T’s Mr., upon returning from his meeting and under the guise of bringing us dishes of mangos to save us from a chocolate overdose, planted a very sweet kiss on T and then disappeared back upstairs.)

#2: Ensure that your brother has a fabulous girlfriend.  Why?  Well, this fabulous GF, who was unable to attend, had given me a sealed box to “return” to T that same evening.  As the gals were gathering, T clarified she had not lent the GF anything and curiously opened the box.  (If one ever needs a lesson on etiquette, a few minutes spent with GF will open you to a whole new world of class and style- yes, we clearly adore her.)  Within the box we discovered a heart shaped box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne, and sugared hearts.  (And a whole lotta love that is completely mutual.)

#3: Pretty Woman is a must-see on Galentine’s Day.  After each of us declaring “this is EVEN BETTER than the last time” and “Julia Roberts has gotten even cuter” and “I wish I’d been a prostitute” and “I wish I could be woken up by someone saying: Wake up!  Time to shop” and wistfully wishing the soundtrack to our lives was Pretty Woman, there was no room left in our hearts to mourn the lack of a gentleman.  My heart was unabashedly overflowing with love for my gals.

So, gals, if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, I hope you also find yourself with a fabulous sister who has a knack for making people feel loved.  I hope you have a table full of chocolate that was Trojan-horsed into the party.  And I hope one of your gals has an amazing husband who sneaks in for a kiss to remind you that true gentlemen do exist and are worth waiting for.

Wishing you a year full of glamorous girlfriends!


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