A romantic night of metalcore…

Last night became an impromptu date night. It started out over a meal of leftovers and a whiny hubster who couldn’t find any friends to go to a show with him at the Garrick Theater.

“I don’t want to go alone. I might get mugged.”

So I stepped up and decided to valiantly protect my hubster and revisit the music scene from which I have been unnoticeably absent from since motherhood claimed my entire identity (this is NOT a complaint).

It was a magical evening and took me back to when we were dating and enjoying $5 concerts at the Collective (now American Apparel).  But as nice as it was to be out with Hubby alone, August Burns Red (ABR)was the focus of my attention.

Now, a quick disclaimer. I don’t normally listen to ABR around the house. At least not by choice. It makes me feel stressed if I do. But I definitely appreciate, or love, watching and listening to them live.  I think anyone would, regardless of their musical preference, because these guys are so incredibly talented, enthusiastic, and everything else wonderful.

Texas in July and Silverstein opened. There was another headliner, but they were performing while we were still at home trying to find a sitter and I couldn’t be bothered to do the research to find out who I didn’t see perform.

Here is a quick synopsis of the show and my night:

-Texas in July was good, but my motherly instinct took precedence and I found myself worrying about the well-being of the bass player more than enjoying their music.

-Bass players always seem to be so hungry for attention.

-Silverstein was good. The lead singer had a bit of a glam thing going on and they really got the crowd going. I did not join the crowd, but I would have crossed it to get my hands on the lead singers leather jacket.  It was very nice and he wore it for 6 entire songs which is 5 more than I thought he would.

-Silverstein did a wonderful rendition of “Winnipeg’s greatest band ever” Propagandhi’s F*ck the Border.  After that, the rest of their music seemed fit for Top 40!

-ABR had complete control over the crowd. The lead singer,Josh McManness, looked like a puppeteer standing above the crowd commanding them with presence.

-McManness did 10,000 lunges around the stage tonight. He can also dance like nobody’s business. He can even salsa dance to metalcore. Very impressive.

-Crowd surfers are annoying to everyone except themselves.  At first it was fun watching them dive off the stage, but then things got ridiculous and there were more surfers than musicians on stage.  They didn’t even need music to crowd surf.  Eventually ABR got out the security and put an end to these idiots (though it did take them awhile to learn).

-After putting an end to the crowd surfing, ABR told the audience to do whatever they wanted because it was their show. This was simply a not-so-subtle invitation to create the Wall of Death and Circle Pit.  They were still not allowed to resume crowd surfing.

-ABR’s drummer is amazing, to put it mildly. Drummers usually are.

-Mango milkshakes are not my favorite, but I will drink them anyway.

When I came home I kissed my Boo and went to bed ears still ringing. It was a wonderful evening.


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