Today’s Top Five

It’s a bit of a  bleary day today in Winnipeg so, to cheer myself up, I’m making a list of a few of my favourite things in Winnipeg!  Enjoy!  And maybe do the same if you’re not feeling oh-so-fabulous-in-february.

1: Starbucks light-whip-extra-hot-peppermint-mocha-with-chocolate-sprinkles.  And on a fancy side note, the Starbucks in Tuxedo has a chandelier … just an FYI.  I visited the first ever Starbucks in Seattle two years ago.  We were there for five days so I visited it ten times.  At this little piece of heaven, they wrote down your name on the cup so when your drink was ready, they’d call out your name.  Kind of made you feel like Cheers, you know, where everyone knows your name.  And ta da!  Two years later, Winnipeg is doing the same!

2: I dearly love Tiber River Naturals… the one on Academy is especially nice.  The wonderfully friendly saleswoman that helped me pick up my Green Tea Toner and Olive Me Moisturizer last night convinced me to try their seasonal lotion: Spring Fling.  It’s spectacular!  Undoubtedly now I will have a spring fling.

3: The second hand store right beside Tiber River Naturals is WONDERFUL!  It’s called Redeemed. The woman who owns it is the ultimate in glamour… huge black rimmed glasses, beautifully wild hair, very eccentric.  My dressing room was soon filled with a bag, a few sweaters and tops and a dress.  That was during a phase where I felt it would be important to save money.  I declared same to Ms. Eccentric, with a bit of pink tinge in my cheeks – who wants to be the cheap-o in front of a glam-o.  But Ms.Eccentric would have none of that and gave me HALF OFF of everything!

4: I’m going to be mean and share one that unfortunately only a few lucky people have access to…. My best friend’s balcony in the summer.  Wonderful wicker chairs with bright pillows, wonderful wine, and a wickedly wonderful girlfriend who never fails to make me laugh.  We can talk about everything under the sun and it doesn’t get old.  Like the crushes we had in 1998!  And she indulges me like it is Brand! New! Information!

5: My running route.  I live in a beautiful part of the city, filled with trees and little bakeries and parks.  Doesn’t that sound nice for a running route?  Not for this girl!!  Oh no.  I have chosen to run down Broadway beside the busy traffic, honking horns, through the pedestrian traffic and past the pawn shops.  WHAT?!  Yes, that’s right.  I love it.  I’ve been to Toronto a few times, New York twice, and have lived in Montreal.  All are fabulous cities with so much beauty and glamour.  All can be dirty and rough and loud and pushy.  The bad reminds me of the good… so on my runs I surround myself with the bad and pretend I’m somewhere else.  And if I happen to bump into someone, of course I mutter “Pardonez-moi Monsieur!”   When in Rome…


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