small sacrifices

well, i missed out on the start of lenten season, but better late than never.  i’m not really in the know about what lent is all about, but i do know it is a Christian observance that involves 40 days of sacrifice, which i think is to emulate the 40 days leading up to Jesus’ death (easter).  that’s probably not very accurate, but that’s all i got.

i asked hubby to join me in making some lenten sacrifices. he was all game, which surprised me a bit, and i was even more surprised with his sacrificial choice. he’s a private person so i’ll let him be. but it’s nice to have some company on this lenten voyage.

i’ve decided to give up chocolate and plastic packaging. i think these are good sacrifices for me to make, and i hope they will make me more mindful. about 3 months ago i vowed to only purchase fair trade chocolate, but lately i’ve been slipping and the odd not-fairly traded chocolate cookie, cake, and brownie have made their way into my house and stomach. not cool.

plastic packaging may be harder to eliminate, but i’m up for the challenge. yes, i always bring my own shopping and produce bags and try to minimize over-packaged products, but we still have a trash can and recycling bin littered with excessive and unnecessary packaging. no more! if it’s wrapped in plastic, i won’t buy it (plus i think we’ve stocked up on enough toilet paper and toothbrushes to last us the 40 days…) i’m using this woman as inspiration.

and  i have also decided to add in some morning devotions. i am hoping this time over breakfast will force me to think about my faith and what it means to me. plus, maybe then i will understand/appreciate a little better some of the Christian traditions that i follow.

wish me luck!


One thought on “small sacrifices

  1. Mookie says:

    Good luck Starfish! I love that in the image above one of the suggested things to give up is sobriety (umm Jesus can you literally take the wheel).

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