Yesterday I had to run errands way across the city in strange and unfamiliar places.    Even at the best of times, Boo and I hate spending an entire afternoon sitting in the car, and to make matters worse, someone had given us the wrong directions.  I was not in a good mood and even though Marlo Thomas’ “Free to Be You and Me” song was singing nicely from the tape deck, inside my head Rage Against the Machine was playing at full volume. We were running over an hour late, something was flashing ominously from the dashboard, it was Boo’s nap–time, and I was hungry.  Arggggggggggggggggh. And then came a train.

Normally, this would’ve pushed me over the edge. Instead, Boo immediately perked up, her limbs started to shake and flail animatedly, and she started to choo-choo like the train.  Heck, she was louder than train.  I couldn’t help but laugh. It was wonderful. And after that, everything was fine.  Sometimes I need reminders like that, that life is amazing and exciting.  Boo is so smart. And awesome.

Other things that are awesome:

*This stool for my busy little bee.

*If you like Johnny Cash, you’ll love these guys.

*This woman is pretty cool. There’s nothing more stylish than having some values.

*Being eccentric and quirky.  Interesting.

*Love this idea.

*Detroit’s decline isn’t awesome. But these photos are.




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