Superb Six on Sundays

Let’s chat shall we?  I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude.  Call it what you may…. thankfulness, gratefulness, appreciation… it is too often neglected in my life.  I wiki’d it this morning and happened upon something that surprised me… Get this: the systematic study of gratitude within psychology only began around the year 2000 (as in 12 years ago).  A possible explanation?  We have traditionally been focused more on understanding distress rather then understanding positive emotions.  I gave this a second thought… I am ashamed to admit I find gratitude often takes a back seat to those less friendly thoughts or emotions. Let’s shine that spotlight on something else … whether it be that fabulous evening with friends where your cheeks are flushed and your tummy hurts from laughing, or that ‘like’ that you got on your facebook status, or happening upon your favorite nailpolish on sale… I’m changing my attitude to GRATitude people!  Hence the beginning of Starfish and Snowflake’s Superb Six on Sundays!!  As I write, I’m thankful that I’m still in my pj’s and its 2:30pm (WHAT?!  Where has the day gone?!)  Keith Jarret’s fabulous jazz is streaming from my speakers, and I’ve got a Starbucks coffee… and after I’m done this post, I’m off to a date with my fabulous little niece.  We are going to play in the snow!   Now that I’ve got these positive thoughts flowing it will be hard to narrow this week down to six superb things!  But here goes…

1. Saturday ROCKED!  I have a marvelous friend who we will call Darcy Ryan… (we used to prank cute guys… yes, true… and this was the name she chose to keep our super cool identities hidden).  Darcy and I met at Starbucks to enjoy a peppermint mocha and catch up on the happenings of the week.  Like usual, these happenings involved guys… She is loved by many and there’s a situation with one in particular that needed to be dealt with – and she handled it like a rock star!  And I chattered away about a crush and like the lovely person she is, she listening fascinated to information that wasn’t that fascinating.  We happened to find ourselves three hours later cheering the Jets on at the local pub with a few shopping bags around our feet, taking self portraits of ourselves like it was the first time we had ever been to a pub, and deciding this summer was going to be THE. BEST. SUMMER. EVER.  Off she went to the symphony and off I went to Pizzeria Gusto for a fabulous gals birthday party.  GO THERE.  Apparently, this is where handsome men go on Saturdays.  Handsome men with girlfriends.  But nonetheless, eye candy goes well with the drunken mushrooms on my Sophia Pizza.  I’ve also decided Saturdays should always be signed off with a glass of champagne in one hand, toasting a loved one to another year of bliss.  Oh, and ending the night with a chat with my crush isn’t half bad either.

2. New products!  Two fantastic new discoveries and one epic fail.  Essie Nail Polish is amazing and Tiber Rivers “Feel My Hands” will make you swoon.  Quo Fake Eyelashes are maybe one to avoid… I spent TWO HOURS trying to apply them… which means if they had looked good I would have to get up at 4am each morning.  Thank goodness they looked horrible.  I will keep my beauty sleep.

3. Saturday ROCKED … but so did Wednesday!  I have casually mentioned I really like Paris.  Since Paris was recently the site of a tragic fight with an ex I havethe strong desire to return to create a new memory.  The pull back to the land of everything wonderful has casually found itself into recent conversations.  Wednesday I returned from work, arms full of a laptop and three binders which I hoped would magically turn into a fascinating presentation for the next morning at 9am.  I had resigned myself to a quick unappetizing snack.  Uh uh.  I opened the door to find my brother cooking a Parisian meal for me: Coq au Vin preceded by an unbelievable french soup with cheese and baguette.  He had brought me Paris.  Sometimes gratitude cannot be adequately  articulated so I’ll leave it at this: You are easily the world’s best brother & you made my week!

4. There’s a sushi restaurant in the Italian neighbourhood that I love… they have happy hour between 6pm and 10pm every night.  I went with my sister and my brother’s girlfriend whom you already know we adore.  Being able to laugh at stupid moments, talking about babies, talking about the apprehension we had of meeting the GF for the first time as we previously had decided no one would ever be good enough – and then gushing about expectations being far exceeded, and knowing that I’ve got two fabulous women who I know who have my back … well, again there are no words.

5. Hot Yoga Karma Class on Friday nights!!!  For one hour, my girlfriends and I got to sweat, we got to say Namaste, we got to push out those toxins, we got to be zen.  And for four hours afterwards, we got to replenish those toxins, we got to say “he did WHAT?! You deserve better girlfriend!” and we got a fashion show.  Yes, one of my girlfriends has saved her clothes from high school.  A denim sparkly jumpsuit with a halter neck.  A pair of silver pants (for a mental image they are EXACTLY like the bottom half of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz but with more of a glare).  We then all pondered what we would be mortified of in ten years… obviously nothing, we all agreed since we all dress timelessly.  Unfortunately, its only been two days since Friday and I already regret an outfit from last week.  My sister told me I looked like I was from the Jetsons.

6. My parents figuring out how to text.  And realizing that for the longest time they both thought that LOL meant Lots of Love.  And then realizing that there had been many emails from them were I had wondered why there were LOL’s sprinkled in at odd places.


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