No one’s a winner!

Did anyone watch the Academy Awards last night? Yeah, me neither.  I tried. I honestly did, but within a minute I was bored. And I wasn’t the only one. Halfway through Billy Crystal’s painful opening montage, someone had grabbed the remote to see what else was on (thank goodness for Friends reruns), someone else was flipping through an old Vogue, and everyone else was playing with their cell phones. Every now and then we’d flip back to see if it was improving. It wasn’t. Still, I feel qualified to give me opinions even if I didn’t watch the awards in their entirety.

-Christopher Guest and crew did a funny clip as focus group movie watchers reviewing The Wizard of Oz.

-Cirque de soleil showed off some impressive moves. At least someone in the room has talent…

-Billy Crystal is not funny and it was painful to watch him attempt funny.

-Angelina Jolie epitomizes old Hollywood glamour.

-I was hoping George Clooney or Brad Pitt would win Best Actor. I imagine both would have given an entertaining acceptance speech. Alas, even the winners were boring.

-I realized how out of the movie scene I really am. I haven’t even heard of half the movies nominated.  21 Jump Street looks good though. I wonder if it will be nominated for next year’s awards…

-Even the fashion, which is usually the highlight of the evening, was boring.  The good wasn’t great, the bad was just mediocre, and there was a lot of blah in between.  The fashion is more interesting at my Grandma’s retirement center.

But in true Academy Award fashion, I have included my list of best/worst fashion.

The worst of the not-so-great:

The Best (but still rather boring):

Update: Apparently things (dresses) were a lot more interesting off the red carpet. People posted some photos of some stunning dresses that were way more colorful, creative, and daring (in a good way).  Check out the slide show here.



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