I did not take these photographs…

I’ve always liked photography, at least as much as the next person. I like looking at photographs. I like taking photographs. Fun times. But when I became a mother, photography became important. Like really important. Photographs were tangible memories of moments too fleeting, of moments that were lost in the blur and chaos and bliss-dom of early motherhood.  They calmed me when everything seemed to be happening too fast and when I felt like every precious moment was slipping away before my eyes.  I didn’t just like photographs. I needed them.

I take a lot of photographs now. I want to be able to relive the awesomeness of Boo as a baby and toddler and so on, forever.  Unfortunately, my photographs suck.  They are blurry, have weird colour, and I’m usually 2 seconds too late with every image.  Boo deserves better.

So lately I’ve been thinking about photography classes. They are expensive (but so are good photographers) but I am notorious for unfinished projects (like my master’s degree, a million sewing projects, and “landscaping” our yard…). Just when I think it’s a silly idea, I see pictures like this.  How amazing are these photographs? This guy captures such wonderful moments between his two daughters on his blog http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.com.  I’d love to be able to hand Boo a baby book filled with similar images. Maybe someday.

Yup, those are pretty fantastic. They make me want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

Tomorrow I hope to post some photos from my photo-a-month challenge attempt (courtesy of http://www.fatmumslim.com.au).  Looking at my own delightful but blurry images might just be the final encouragement I need to enroll in class.



2 thoughts on “I did not take these photographs…

  1. Darcy R says:

    Normally my mantra is that whatever Starfish and Snowflake say is absolutely right on the money. So I found myself reading the post this morning (with my usual eager anticipation) only to realize that in this instance I look at ‘photography as preservation’ from a somewhat different perspective. I have found myself growing more uncomfortable with the amount of ‘documentation’ that accompanies childhood. Technology absolutely supports the ‘more is better’ mentality and I wonder where this leads us all? As a child of the 80’s I have a smattering of photos and even a couple videos of my childhood, my parents before me had a few photos at formal events and only one of my grandparents had a photo of themselves as a young child. Is the past better? I personally don’t think so but in my opinion neither is the 1000’s of photos and videos that many (privileged) children in Canada now have to document every bite of cake, zoo trip, bath time, nap and playtime from their childhood. There has been lots of chatter about a generation growing up with an ‘image’ that is cultivated through Facebook, Twitter and reality TV. Is a picture more valuable because 20 friends liked it, is it less valuable when there are 100 others just like it from the same event? I don’t know, but I do wonder what always having a lens on children is teaching us all? Are we better off for having children that now learn how to pose at the same time as they are learning how to crawl?

    For me childhood is special because it was a blur and because often through a series of events and warped half memories most of it in time slips away. I love the photographs of myself from childhood and deeply cherish the photos my family and friends who are family gift to me of their children. I do not want that to stop!

    But I do think that we should all trust to let go with good grace the moments in life when we find ourselves too wrapped up in the adorable and fleeting present to stop and document the memory for the future.

    Just my two cents. Thank you S&S for the interesting post today!

    • tjremp says:

      thanks for the thought. i agree, but i still have my camera out and i will still try and sneak more photos. I want to put these together into a magnificent scrapbook for Boo, not post them endlessly on facebook (maybe). I did that last year and she loves to look at photos of herself and the people she knows. Her photo album is her favorite book and that makes me happy. I’m going to keep snapping away, I just wish the photos were a little more amazing, hence why i think i need the class. maybe we could take the class together? maybe our novel could become a picture book then?

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