“With or without stripes, mothers are tigers. And tigers are beautiful.”

Lately there’s been a lot of inspirational videos and images for women/mothers circling around the Internet. They are really nice and remind us of what is truly important, but some of them seem to be overly celebratory and sentimental or repetitive. Plus, I don’t have the patience to sit through a 20 min. youtube video, no matter how much I agree with the message.  Then I found this little image with this little write-up and it was perfect. It  made me feel tough, in a good and motherly way, and proud of any war wounds I may have. Heck, I even wish I had more. How fierce would I be then?!?

Tigers are beautiful.

Seriously, get yourself to this website and read the thoughtful (and concise) write-up that accompanies this image. It’s the best.

And well you’re there, check out the rest of the website (www.howtobeadad.com). It’s painfully honest and hilarious (Dad’s usually are).  Here’s a sampling:


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