Getting ready for spring

The other day I was staring in my closet when I noticed that almost all my clothes are black, with a couple of navy, gray and dark brown items thrown in for good measure.

“Nice,” I said to myself, as I realized everything matched.

But when I took a second look, it just looked depressing and I don’t like that. I’m a very happy person and I think my clothes should reflect my mood a little bit more. And today I’m feeling… yellow?!?

Yellow is tricky. But color is back with a vengeance this spring, and well, there are few colors as happy and optimistic as yellow so it would be a real shame to ban them from my closet. While I would never even dream of yellow shorts (because they make my legs look washed out and my legs have enough going against them as it is) or yellow nail polish, in an attempt to update a winter wardrobe I am hoping to add some subtle yellow accessories to my closet. We’ll see what turns up at the local thrift store, because, while I’m ready for color, I don’t think they are investment pieces for me. Not yet.




On a completely unrelated note, yesterday Boo had some of her friends over to play. We spent the afternoon building a snowman, snow angels, attacking each other with kisses, and learning how to share. At dinner, we all crowded around the table to sing numerous versions of grace and to dine on the pizzas everyone helped make. It was the loudest and most chaotic our little kitchen has ever been and I loved every second of it.  I want a kitchen filled with laughter. I want to be greeted with a big smile every time I look under the table. I want to find Little People sitting in the fridge. And I want it all a lot more than I do a pair of yellow shoes!

Tomorrow I am going to find some daffodils to bring some color in to our house. Daffodils are such a pretty reminder that something wonderful is just around the corner.


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