What Not To Wear -Monday edition

Unless it has J.Crew emblazoned across the front, I hate getting catalogs.  Every time one makes an appearance in my mailbox (which is clearly marked No Junk Mail) I roll my eyes, vow never to shop at said company again, and then call their customer service to complain while I casually flip through the pages.

To clear up any confusion, catalogs are not the same as magazines which also aim to sell products, but at least their not-so-subtle advertisements are accompanied with glossy images and articles meant to spark ideas, discussion, and maybe even some creativity. Catalogs do just the opposite (unless it is J.Crew).

Anyway, enough of that rant. This weekend I was flipping through the latest (American-edition) Cabela’s catalog while having my address removed from their mailing list when I spotted a style I was unfamiliar with. The Gun Tote’N Mamas concealed-carry basic hobo handbag.  I sure hope this doesn’t become as popular as the Lug diaper bag, which boasts space for diapers and toys, not dangerous firearms. Where are these paranoid mothers going anyways? Unless they are super-cool secret agent spies, this just seems like a million bad ideas in one not-so-stylish handbag.

On a much lighter note, check out this spoof blog of catalog living.


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