Baby Fever

It seems like the hottest trend these days is.. being pregnant! From Snooki to Jessica Simpson, every time I indulge in my tabloid addiction someone new is announcing their good news and flaunting their growing belly.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the nude pregnant photos splashed on the covers of magazines, though I recognize the desire of women to celebrate this stage in their life and in their bodies.  People  magazine has a slideshow of celebs who have “dared to bare” during their pregnancy (a trend which seems to have been started by Demi Moore). While some of the photos are nice, I don’t like the over-sexualization of some of them (like Britney Spears!). And it seems for many of these celebs an attempt to be shocking and garner attention.  I can’t help but wonder about these poor children-to-be who will grow up in the spotlight, their every move captured and analysed. Should at least some part of their lives be private?  Aaaand, is this another attempt at the media narrowly defining that which is beautiful? I’d like to see an image of someone glowing with happiness and maybe a bit of sweat with a stomach covered in stretch lines and eyes with dark circles.


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