Let’s hear it for the women of the world!!!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate  amazing women, locally and globally, past, present and future.  Wow- that’s a lot to celebrate! I feel very fortunate to have so many strong and influential and caring women in my life. My grandmothers, my aunt, my sister, my friends, my mother and my daughter have all been wonderful role models and are my inspiration to be a better woman. But today I don’t want to just celebrate the fabulous women in my life, but to also recognize the incredible women around the world. I may not know them. I may not be able to relate to them, but I feel connected to them.

I never really thought about my role as a woman, or the power and responsibility it came with until I became a mother. A mother to a little girl. That’s a big deal. While a lot of women don’t need to become biological mothers to feel this, I certainly did.  Now, when I look at my little girl I realize how important my actions and words (and lack thereof)  truly are. If I want her to have a voice, I must have one. If I want her to know powerful women, I must know them and be one. If I want her to fight for change, I must do so as well.  Boo has put a lot of pressure on me to be a better woman. I won’t let her down!

Today is not just another Thursday. Do something amazing, something radical, to celebrate you and all the women you know and all the women you don’t know.

*Use your voice: Write a letter. Send an email. Phone your local MP. Tell them what you like, what you don’t like, and want you want.  You’ve got opinions. Express them. Then phone a loved one and tell them they are awesome.

*Use your power: Use your money to reach out to women around the world. Help them help themselves and their families and our world.  It’s the best spending you’ll ever do. Money is powerful, use it wisely.

*Use your skills: Make something. Share something. Try something new.

*Use your ears and your mind: Listen to the stories of the women around you. Learn about the stories of women globally. Women are fascinating and they have a lot to teach us. Knowledge is power.

What are you doing to celebrate today?


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