I’m sick and, as everyone knows, mothers don’t get sick days. so even when all i want to do is curl up in bed and shoot dristan up my nose, i plaster a smile on my face, roll out of bed and put on my superman t-shirt. that’s just what mothers do.

fortunately, i have found some quiet moments in the day to rest my squeaky head and its given me some time to realize just how lucky i am. here is a very small sampling of why i am so lucky:

-even though i try to act “normal” Boo knows something is different with me. she covers me in extra kisses, is more quiet and cuddly, follows me around with kleenex, and insists on wiping my nose, then hers, then mine again. (yup, there’s a lot of germ sharing going on…)

-thankful to be able to breastfeed my Boo and pump her body with much needed antibodies to ward off the nasty germs i carry

-this is the worst cold ever, but i’m lucky that this is the sickest i’ve ever been (maybe -probably not) and  it’s only a cold!

-super thankful for Boo’s grandparents that babysit and drop in ‘just because’ (and also bring supper)

-for a husband who takes care of dinner (even if it is take-out)

-for Boo letting us sleep in an hour and half later than usual. 7:00 has never felt soooo good!

-for nice weather so we can still get outside.

now i’m ready for the weekend and healthy days. happy friday!


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