Looks I Hate

New York and Paris Fashion Weeks have come and gone showcasing all the latest for Fall/Winter 2012?!? What happened to spring and summer? Sometimes the fashion world seems a little ridiculous and so ahead of its time that it is no longer relevant or applicable. I say we stop rushing everything and enjoy the seasons as they come.  Except for the following trends. I say we rush right through these hideous styles and pretend they never happened.

Here are my least favorite looks, no matter the season:

Look I Hate

1. Round wire rimmed sunglasses.
2. Super-wide leg trousers. I don’t care if they’re silk, I don’t like them. And adding a flashy print only makes them more overwhelming.
3. Cropped tops. 6-pack or not, they aren’t flattering.
4. High-rise pants. They don’t look good from front or back.
5. Flat oxford shoes. If they have a heel, fine. If they don’t, don’t.
6. Bustier tops.
7. Bowler (or wide-brimmed) hats.
8. Lucite anything.
9. Platform shoes. I hate this trend. It makes feet look chunky.
10. Ankle socks with dreses, shorts, dress shoes, etc. This trend can only be pulled off by children under 10.
11. Shoulder cut-outs. I just don’t like them.
12. Chain-link purses. Even if they are chanel quilted.
You’ll note that the sole reason for these trend dislikes is simply a matter of preference and I mean no offense if you have a closet full of lucite, chain-link purses.
What trends is everyone else hating? Isn’t this more fun, or at least easier, than focusing on everything we like? Or am I just a pessimist?

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