Just another day.

Yesterday was just a bad day.  It was Monday, so it had a lot going against it right from the start. Still, I have no one to blame but myself and my awful mood that decided to stick around and make even the simplest of tasks seem insurmountable. In an attempt to find some sanity, Boo and I went for a bike ride to run some errands, but everywhere we went Boo acted up. She threw items off shelves. She put random objects in her mouth. She cried loudly if I picked her up, and ran off if I didn’t.  Instead of the usual and welcome comments from strangers on how adorable and sweet she is, I was met with silence. And of course, that silence screamed to me, “why can’t you control your daughter?”

Well, she’s only a year and a half, and I’m not french. But sometimes reason doesn’t appear when it should. Especially when you’re tired. So instead, I got frustrated and headed home feeling like a failure of a mother.

This feeling was only heightened when I was attempting to make a last minute supper that I knew no one would enjoy, in my messy kitchen.  Boo wanted me to play, but I was busy and annoyed and kept shoo-ing her away. I turned my head for one minute, and when I turned back, she had poured a bottle of maple syrup over her head.  It was dripping off her sweater and into a little puddle around her feet.  She could barely open her eyes under the weight and stickiness of it all.

“Dirty,” she said and held up her hands for me to wipe them.  Before I could do that, she ran into my arms and gave me a tight embrace.

It was a gross sticky mess, but sometimes I need to just pause and relax and enjoy a good sticky hug.

We had waffles for supper.

Also, our snowmen melted. First their heads fell off. Then their bodies shriveled up. Isn’t spring lovely?


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