Here are 32 reasons to celebrate!

  1. Hand-me downs. Yesterday I scored a new jacket from Dublin, just because I said I liked it.
  2. She laughs at all my jokes. Even when they aren’t funny.
  3. She makes me laugh harder than anyone else I know. Most family dinners are usually just the two of us laughing endlessly while everyone else looks on in confusion (and probably annoyance).
  4. Inappropriate dinner conversations. If we have a super secretive hot topic to discuss, we wait until we’re at Grandma’s house for dinner.
  5. Secret car conversations. While sitting in a parked car we have discussed and solved almost any and all problems.
  6. She got me hooked on Sex and the City. I love that show more than I love Montreal, apparently.
  7. She gave me my first Clinique bonus gift loot. That was magical.
  8. She has lured me into many an adventure (Colombia, MVS, etc.) because she sees the world through rose-colored glasses.  I don’t.
  9. She is the sister I can’t be to my brother.
  10. She makes Boo happy.
  11. She gives thoughtful and generous gifts, and responds thoughtfully and generously to the gifts I give, which suck.
  12. When she gives a bad gift, she also gives the receipt.
  13. She has a funny phone “accent”
  14. She taught me how to be cool in high school. The solution to everything? Just roll up your pants.
  15. She threw me the most amazing bridal shower. Let’s just say there was puffed wheat cake. ‘Nuff said.
  16. She also threw me an amazing stagette. And then promptly took the photos off of facebook.
  17. And then there was the baby shower…
  18. She likes to take pictures even more than I do.
  19. She returned to a carnivorous diet after almost a decade as a vegetarian by eating a package of sausage links. And she lived to tell about.
  20.  We strongly dislike the same people.
  21. We endlessly love the same people, and can gush about them forever.
  22. She is easily influenced by my political views. She can vote in both Canadian and American elections so I use this to my advantage.
  23. She is super smart, even if you don’t know it…
  24. She is motivated. If she wants something, she’ll make it happen. Some people call this menno-luck, but whatever it is, it stems from sheer determination.
  25. She bakes treats for me and my family.
  26. She listens to me talk on and on about Boo and actually enjoys my stories about nap-time, diaper changes, and other random cuteness.
  27. She’s a dreamer. Few people are these days.
  28. She can whip up a song on the spot like nobody else. You should hear her rendition of some national anthems.  Sometimes the songs are so beautiful they even make her cry:)
  29. She loves football and betting and can be a bad influence on those around her.
  30. She’s 5’10 but still wears high heels.
  31. She drinks soya sauce.
  32. People are drawn to her like a moth to the light. She just makes people feel good.  Boo’s squeal of excitement whenever she walks through the door kinda sums her up perfectly.

Also exciting, DVF and Gap Kids are officially available.  Boo is loving the t-shirt dresses and belted rompers.  Maybe I should stock up for her birthday…



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