Well hello there 32!!!

I turned 32 yesterday!  Over some champagne my nearest and dearests helped me come up with 32 resolutions to make this year the best one yet!  As my Grandma said, this is THE BEST DECADE.  She has said this about all my decades to date, but my Grandma doesn’t lie.  So, given this, I owe it to myself to really, reeeeeally live it.  And I’ve got a few ideas to make it pretty fabulous.
  1. Be more socially responsible… Do one thing a day to make the world better.  And I don’t mean move mountains.  I mean send a quick email to Starbucks to let them know that this morning when I went to get a grande coffee there was no option for Fair Trade.  Maybe a politely worded email will make its way down the line and make a change somewhere that propels the world a tiny bit closer to being fair.
  2. Go to Paris. 
  3. Keep composting*… I forgot I was doing that for a week and had the unpleasant reminder when I opened the cupboard under the sink.  So the * means remember to take composting OUT
  4. Keep recycling
  5. Journal… I was recently cleaning out my closet and came across the box of my old diaries.  I intended to spend a minute glancing through them and three hours later I was still on my bedroom floor with the addition of a glass of wine absorbed in my past self, my past dreams and fears.  It was fascinating.  I want to be able to do that again in three years and be able to look back on THESE moments and be reminded of who I was … what made me tick.   Facing forward is important but being reminded every now and then of where you came from can be a wonderful and at times teary experience.  It reminds me of what I want to do differently and what I want to hang on to
  6. Continue to not use my dryer.  Added bonus, you can actually store quite a bit of stuff in the dryer and in a condo that has very limited storage this is just one more reason to refrain from this unnecessary energy waster
  7. Ban all toxic, non natural chemicals from my home
  8. Eat locally or at least know where what I’m consuming comes from – I will ask questions… dig deeper… be a smart consumer.
  9. Choose one social justice campaign a year: write letters, fundraise, protest… you name it.  I live in a Country where my voice can be heard.  I owe it to start using my voice.
  10. Write letters, send care packages to someone at least once a month.  I LOVE getting letters and parcels and cards.  I LOVE sending them just as much!  It always makes my day… so I’m going to email less, text less and instead use snail mail.  It does take longer but it also does feel really, really good.
  11. Spend 10 minutes a day doing something nice for someone.  I find I’m always saying, “I have no time!”  Well, MAKE IT!  We have all been giving the exact same amount of time in a day.  24 hours, 1440 minutes.  If I don’t have time, maybe I can re-evaluate how I’ve ranked watching Whitney over phoning my Grandma.  I’m no longer allowed to say “I have no time!”
  12. Stop feeling like I need to fill every moment with someone.  I’m just putting it out there… being single after a long term relationship was scary.  The prospect of having an empty evening with room to think made my heart beat a bit fast.  So, I filled every single second with plans.  I realized last week that this was no longer the solution.  I had gone out with friends until 2am, had been so exhausted that I was asleep before I had unlocked my door.  I was up at 9 to meet friends for brunch (thankfully the Black Sheep has the best coffee), kept eyeing my watch to meet a girlfriend at TenSpa for a massage, raced away from that to meet another girlfriend for coffee at the Forks, but received a phone call ten minutes in that my plans for dinner had been moved up by an hour.  My girlfriend at the Forks witnessed me burst into tears.  Thankfully she is super cool and let me spend the remaining ten minutes we had together venting about how overwhelmed I was.  Then I raced off to dinner and then ended the evening watching My Week With Marilyn (so good!!!) with my girlfriends before racing off to my ultimate Frisbee game at 10:30pm.  And that’s been a typical day for months.  But what I realized was despite my day being filled with everything I loved, I was present for nothing.  I’m lucky I have forgiving friends who have put up with a frazzled me for months… from this point forward, I am going to allow myself time to just be with me which will make me better when I’m with YOU.  And in the recent few days when I’ve put this plan into action, I’ve found out I’m actually not too bad of company.
  13. Read more…  next up: Sophie Kinsella’s latest, I’ve Got Your Number.  And then, in preparation for my trip to Paris, All You Need To Be Impossibly French.
  14. Blog more
  15. Plant flowers and vegetables in mom’s garden… this will help with #7
  16. Calm the F down!  I don’t need to have it all figured out right this instant.  As one of my best friends said last night, my future self has it all figured out.  So, well done future self!  I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  17. Wear more jewellery … a little sparkle can really turn a frown upside down
  18. Count my blessings.  And I’ve got many.  And lots of them come in the form of wonderful, magnificent friends.  Birthdays are an amazing reminder of that.  As the day went along yesterday, my phone kept “pinging” as people sent texts or posted on my facebook wall sending me well wishes.  I even got an email from a girlfriend in high school that had a youtube video attached.  Want to know the video?  The Backstreet Boys singing happy birthday!!!  Talk about a flashback to the past!  I got to end my evening with fantastic women … we had champagne together and they filled me with warmth as they toasted the things they loved about me.  Am I bragging?  Yes!  I have so much to brag about!!
  19. My health.  No need to elaborate except to say I’ve got two legs, eyes that work, I don’t have cancer, I don’t diabetes… the list goes on and on… I guess this is a continuation of #18 but this actually deserves a number all to itself
  20. Go to church.
  21. Sleep more.
  22. Have more champagne
  23. Download more music.  I just got a new laptop two weeks ago…. It is not acceptable to have Justin Bieber and Gavin Degraw as the only two albums downloaded.
  24. Cook more.  And have more dinner parties.
  25. Stop watching the Bachelor, the Bachelorette or any version of either.  I feel horrible after I watch these.  I feel awful watching the contestants who have been kicked off have such a vulnerable moment that will be aired on TV.  And Chris Harrison??  Don’t get me started.
  26. Spend more time with Boo.  Spend as much time as possible with Boo.  Move in with my sister, her husband and Boo… move into Boo’s bedroom so I don’t miss another moment.
  27. Declutter.  Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.  If he walked through my bedroom, sophisticated would be the last thing that would come to mind.   I have too many clothes and too many shoes.  I have too many gadgets and appliances.  Material excess is not attractive.
  28. Continue to learn French
  29. Take more photographs
  30. Pursue my masters degree… hopefully in Montreal!  I am awaiting what is hopefully an acceptance letter!!
  31. Exercise more… do hot yoga, go for runs, go for walks
  32. Cancel my cable package as of April 1st.  Summer is too short already and I don’t want to spend it in front of the TV.  AND, this will help me fulfill resolution #1-31.  Win-win situation.

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