country living

We spent the weekend at my parent’s house in the country. I hadn’t been home in ages (Christmas?) so it was long overdue, and a weekend of birthday celebrations was the perfect excuse. I love it there. Time stops. And so does my parenting. I revert back to being a child and spend the days lounging on the couch and eating homemade everything while my parents give Boo the time of her life. She LOVES it there and it really is a child’s paradise. Boo spent her days outside feeding chickens and collecting their eggs, exploring the old caboose, watching goldfish in the pond, swinging in the old tire swing, sitting on one of many colored benches, and running around like there was no tomorrow. When she wasn’t outside, she was watching the outside and we could only lure her away from the call of outdoors with birthday cupcakes.  She was living it up like you can only do in the country and I’m so glad she has the opportunity to do this.

But the biggest attraction there for Boo is her Grandpa. Man, that little girl loves that guy so much and this weekend he celebrated 60 years of awesome living.  With Boo glued to his side, he celebrated with family and friends, cheesecake and cupcakes, and crazy stories. He really is crazy, but in the most wonderful way. How else can you explain a yard filled with colorful benches, a caboose, and a natural grasslands reserve for a backyard? He makes life interesting. Really interesting.

And no, he’s not slowing down with age. He’s the only one that can keep up with Boo.

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!


3 thoughts on “country living

  1. Frieda Kehler says:

    I also love going to your parent’s place. It’s magical. Sometimes I wish that I was a kid again too. I enjoy reading your blog Tamara and Johanna. Keep up the great writing!! -Frieda

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