Today’s post i…


Today’s post is dedicated to Darcy Ryan!  Tonight was going to be a blah! night… one of laundry and grocery shopping.  But there’s no other option other than yes when I’m given the chance to hang out with D.R.  A simple plan to go for a walk turned into being caught in a torrential rainfall complete with thunder and lightening.  We were too far away to turn back to my condo, but just close enough to the neighbourhood bar – and apparently they have nothing against serving two laughing-hysterically-drowned-rats a drink.  Over our drinks and a game of cards we reminisced about our crazy wonderful weekend, made crazy wonderful summer plans, and agreed to have many nights where we jumped rubber boots first into the storm!  Cheers to the LAST day of winter!!


One thought on “Today’s post i…

  1. Darcy Ryan says:

    Sometimes the best moments happen when you do the opposite of what common sense dictates! Here’s to running into the rain instead of out of it!

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