add some color

Yesterday we had dinner with some lovely friends who have lovely kids. It’s nice to have friends with kids because they don’t judge you when you use your fingers to eat, when you interrupt them to remind someone that “this is a sitting chair, not a standing chair”, and when you have large chunks of supper floating in your drinking water. They also don’t chase after your child with anti-bacterial wipes or a look of horror when your child gives kisses with a dirty mouth.  They just let kids be.

But Boo wasn’t the only one having the time of her life playing with their kids, their cats, and their toys. Hubby and I also enjoyed our evening out. While we were driving home, I said the obvious. “Man, they are so cool. I wish we were that cool.”

I left ample opportunity for Hubby to interject that we were in fact “that cool”. Nothing.

It’s true. We’re not the coolest people in the world. We may have been close contenders at one point, but then we moved to the suburbs and something happened.

While they  painted their hallway neon green, we chose an exciting shade of ‘off-white’. They tattoo their bodies for fun while I scrub Boo’s hands for any trace of leftover paint (we have white walls after all).  She’s a fashion designer while I wear sneakers and hoodies. They make crazy art while I purchase mass produced prints that will be a proper fit for our decor.  I’m not saying they’re better or even that I want to run out and buy a gallon of hot pink paint, but maybe some of their life choices, or at least their design choices, are a little more… exciting and brave?

We’re lucky we have such cool friends and that they want to hang out with us. And yet, while the backdrop to our lives might differ greatly, I think our friendship comes from a lot of overlap in values and goals for what we want for our families -our marriages and our children.  They are kind, generous, and humble people.  We strive to be too.

Our differences are obvious, and I hope our similarities are too.
At least we have a sparkly green drum set in our basement. It looks nice against the white walls.


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