The jacket that almost was… Take 2

I’m environmentally cool by association.  My sister, you may have noticed, is on top of things.  I am not even quite sure what polyurethane is but I now know it is wrong and bad.

Rewind to yesterday when I read her post on the leather jacket.  I want one too!  And she is returning it!  So, I casually stopped by on my way home from work.  Hey T, did you return it?  Yes, she had.  I quickly did a mental calculation trying to figure out if I could make it back to the store to snatch it up myself!  If I only cuddled with Boo for ten minutes, I could probably make it there… hopefully no one else has bought it…

As what I was doing dawned on me, I gave my head a shake.  Oh the shame!  I couldn’t even make it one week without breaking my birthday resolution #7 Ban all toxic, non natural chemicals from my home.  Oooops.  But I’ll do it!  Honest!  T’s my #1 role model, but there are a few others out there that inspire me (and I’d like to date them too)… have a look!  The Top Three Environmental Celebrities of 2011.

And check out another great blog: 

 P.S. I didn’t buy the jacket.


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