the dangerous world of dolls and cookies

I am slightly concerned that this past weekend was a preview of things to come -most notably the “Terrible Twos”.

Like most parents, I had heard about this difficult stage in a toddler and parent’s life, but honestly, Boo is such a sweetheart that I just assumed this would be another phase that we would happily skip over, like teething. (Yes, Boo has teeth, she just never went through any of the unpleasant-ness associated with teething!) We might not be so lucky this time round.

The day started out as usual. Smiles, cuddles, breakfast. But by mid-morning, while out running errands, it was apparent that something, or someone, was acting a little different.

It started with an innocent cookie. Boo wanted a cookie. In her defense, the cookies looked really good and I wanted one too, but that’s not really the point. I said no, and the tears started to pour. Then the wail. I picked her up to calm her, but that only made things worse and she thrashed angrily in my arms. Eventually she calmed down. And then…

“Baby dolls,” she squealed in excitement, lurching at the perfect row of delicate painted faces.

“No,” I barked, as I swooped to pick her up. I could feel the anger, disappointment and confusion rise up in her, joining together to form the perfect storm. Her tiny body squirmed, then stiffened, and then she let loose.  It would have been impressive if it hadn’t been so embarrassing.

I imagine we’re only getting started here. The tantrums will get bigger, and so will the disappointments. Sometimes I wonder if I’m prepared for all this.  Cookies and dolls are one thing, but what else is around the corner?  I try not worry about the future, but it’s hard, really hard.

For now, I will simply hold her and listen to her and give her extra love and cuddles when those tantrums hit.  It’s all I can do, and I hope that it will always be enough.


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