i love my city, but…

I’m in a love hate relationship with my city.  There’s a lot of good, but sometimes it feels like all this beauty is shadowed by the really bad and sometimes it’s hard to look beyond the headlines, the gray skies, and the bare trees. Those are the times I dream and plan of moving somewhere exciting, somewhere new. But most of the time, I love my home.

This month I am faced with a big decision: Do I stay or do I leave? Life here is comfortable, it’s easy, it’s familiar. I know where to go for great coffee, I know where to go for a great haircut (and where not to go), and I know where and when to shop pre-loved treasures at my favorite vintage store. I know this city and it knows me.

But is it time to shake up the familiar? Is it time to learn something new? Am I ready for the magic?

What do you love about your city? And what lures you elsewhere? I’d love to hear your stories about going and staying and finding contentment wherever you are. -J


2 thoughts on “i love my city, but…

  1. D.R. Bartlette says:

    I don’t know if I can give you any advice on moving away…I’ve pretty much lived in my hometown (or very close to it) my whole life. That hometown is Fayetteville, Ark. What I like about it is:
    1. The Farmer’s Market. It’s almost as old as I am; it’s a really nice way to get out and be with my townsfolk, and I think it’s supercool that the place to be and be seen is shopping for vegetables. 🙂
    2. It’s just the right size – big enough to have lots of great eateries, diversity, and arts venues, but small enough that I never have to lock my door.
    3. It’s nestled in the Ozark Mountains; it’s beautiful in the spring and fall.
    And more….
    But I say, if you care what I think, strike out and try someplace new. I mean, if it doesn’t work out, you can always come back, and often when we come back, we can appreciate our home with new eyes. Go for it!

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