So far you’ve met my darling niece, my brother, his fantastic girlfriend, and my fabulous best friend, (Darcy Ryan, or D.R.) and today you’ll get to meet another … we’ll call him Canuck … who has recently introduced a new concept to my life.

A Stay-cation.

I love to travel.  A typical holiday for me consists of the clock hitting 4:30pm and me racing out of the office to the airport.  My return date is always as late as possible the night before I have to return to work.  Fill it as FULL as possible is my moto.  No moment wasted!

However, in hopeful anticipation of doing my masters in the fall, all trips are on hold.  But I still had a few days of holiday time to use up before the end of March.  So, when Canuck suggested a Stay-cation, I was curious.  Definition: stock your kitchen with wine and really great cheese and olives and download all your favorite movies.  There are only two rules: you can only leave your house for provisions and you have got to wear sweat pants.

My parents live just outside a small town about an hour out of the city.  It’s similar to a little paradise in the woods.   What better place for this holiday and excitedly, I declared my four days off a “Stay-cation!”.  So, earlier this week I hopped in my car, off to my parents’ place with the backseat full of sweat pants and hoodies, two bottles of wine, the latest Sophie Kinsella book, a stack of design magazines, and homemade Texas Brownies that are a family favorite.

Right now it’s raining outside; mom and I are on the couch with a fire going… she’s reading and I’m blogging and we just made another round of cappuchinos.  It’s the last day of my “Stay-cation!”.  There’s been no racing around, no  pressure to fill the days.  Instead, for the last few days, I’ve woken up in my pink childhood bedroom in my daybed with the pink flowers, to mom’s delicious homemade cinnamon buns and cappuchino.  We had a pizza and movie night.  We left the house only once for provisions (truthfully, it was to go clothes shopping) and I’m only a chapter into my book because, even though I love all Kinsella’s books, my family is quite a bit more entertaining.  And my ego is fantastically inflated as my parents are my biggest cheerleaders in my life.

Canuck, you were right.  Stay-cations are fantastic.


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