Nursery style

Boo has a decent little room. It might not be magazine worthy or even blog worthy, but its come a long way and it does its job well. Not bad considering it used to be a storage room. Over the course of Boo’s lifetime, we’ve made small changes and, of course, I dream of much bigger ones in the future (paint! lighting!) But for now, this is home and Boo likes it.  She enjoys her quiet time spent in the closet, pulling books off the bookshelf, dancing in her crib, and reading in the chair,  but her favorite thing is to look at the map.

The map wasn’t always there. It was a classroom reject that made its way home with us and ended up in the back of her closet only to be discovered one day while cleaning.  I pulled it out and placed it on the floor and… the rest is history.

Every night, Boo and Hubby do their night time routine that involves locating new countries on the map.  Boo is brilliant and always careful not to get Cuba and Florida mixed up. She likes the colors and shapes of each country and the stories that go with them.  “This is where Mommy and Daddy used to live…” “This is where Auntie Nina is…” and so on.

I like the map too. It’s a nice reminder that, even cocooned away in this quiet room, we’re part of something bigger. Sometimes my eyes will rest on a small country I’ve never noticed before and I’ll wonder what the mothers there are doing at that moment. Are they singing a lullaby? Changing a diaper? Enjoying a daydream? Sometimes we need little reminders of our insignificance. There’s a big beautiful world out there. It’s not just about us.

For those out there who don’t have maps hidden in their closets, check out these other amazing wall hangings.


2 thoughts on “Nursery style

  1. Frieda Kehler says:

    We have maps on our walls too, but alas it seems to be me and not the teenagers, whose eyes wander over the colours marking the countries. On Sunday, we’re off to purple Portugal for a few days of fish and fun in the sun.

  2. nweeda says:

    We may be a part of something bigger, but something bigger is a part of us! Feel big! Watch Neil DeGrasse (perhaps the most brilliant astrophysicist ever) describe what, in his opinion, is the most astounding fact in the universe:

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