Date Night.

Date Night. It’s a pretty important night for us. Both Hubby and I like to dress up and try new restaurants. We like to go to shows and sip milkshakes. We enjoy these nights out, just the two of us. Yup, we’re pretty great, just the two of us. But we’re no longer complete,  just the two of us.  We need Boo.

Tomorrow Boo is going for a sleepover at her grandparent’s house. It’s not her first time and she’ll be gone for less than 24 hours, but it’s still kind of a big deal for us. We’ve been planning this for sometime, or at least some over-excited grandparents have, yet Hubby and I have no clue what we are going to do with all this free time to ourselves.

“We could go for crepes,” one of us would suggest.

“Yeah, we could. But I think Boo would really like crepes…  What about a bike ride through the park?”

“Great idea, but let’s go in the morning so we can take Boo…”

“We could go the croissanterie in St. B.  Nah, let’s wait for Boo. It would be so fun with her…”

(This may sound pathetic to some, but you have no idea how much fun Boo is!)

In the end, we realized the only thing we really can’t do with her around is go swimming in the deep end of the pool at the same time so we’ll probably go swimming. Maybe even sit in the hot tub.

The reality is that being a two-some is pretty great, but we’re a super awesome amazing three-some.  Before Boo came along we would sometimes worry about losing our freedom. I think a lot of child-less couples feel this way.  We imagined all the things we wouldn’t be able to do anymore -dining, dancing, travelling and adventuring.  But we can do all these things and more.  It’s just a whole lot more fun now.

Hubby and I still enjoy each other’s company. We still need date nights. But we need Boo. A lot. I’m going to miss her when she’s away.

What do you do on date night?


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