My dream home.

 I totally fell in love with everything about this house over at Ikea Family Live.  I know, I always harp on about infusing my life with color, but the truth is, I love the crispness and simplicity of white and its neutral friends. Yes, it’s a risky endeavor with kids, but if this family can do it, so can mine!

What does your dream home look like?


6 thoughts on “My dream home.

  1. Arlene says:

    Absolutely perfect timing, S & S, as a white Jacobsen kitchen chair sits in our kitchen. Didn’t buy, just brought it home for approval. Would you approve? But do we have to dress our children in white? That would not work here…so glad to read your ramblings…

    • starfishandsnowflake says:

      not only do you have to dress your children in white, but your husband too. fortunately, your family has bright hair that will allow you to spot them against the all-white backdrop. if they were blonde, you might lose them completely! Did you get the approval? It sounds lovely. your place is so stylish i just might have to come over with my camera…

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