Spring Break round up

Spring break was everything it was supposed to be -fun, relaxing, unproductive, and over way too quickly.  We traveled around the province a bit, exploring small town Manitoba, and even dipped into across the border to pick up some much anticipated packages (only to realize I had seriously botched the order…). We tried out new restaurants, visited with friends, completely gave up our Lenten resolutions (we were so close!). Here are some quick highlights:

* I won some delicious French macarons from Hot CakesThey were delivered to our house one morning, wrapped in a pretty pink bow that Boo immediately tore off in a fit of excitement. I barely had a chance to sample them before Boo grabbed these tiny delicacies by the fistful.  My favorite is Raspberry Lemon Mascarpone.

*New bath toys. I can finally bath Boo without worrying (as much) about every bath toy she places in the water, and her mouth. Finally, PV-free, pthalate-free, and BPA-free toys and bath mat. Why are these so hard to find?

*Red denim. I found the perfect pair of pants and I love them (not bad for $2.25 -thank you MCC!) I got a lot of comments and compliments on them. When I wear them, I look like this (at least in my head):

*Circus at the Museum. Boo was too short to try the acrobatics and the hire-wire and was too excited to sit still for any face-painting, but she enjoyed sitting in the contortionist box. Yup, she just wanted to sit in the box. Check it out while it lasts–  Circus Video 


The only thing missing were the magnolias. Next year…


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