spring cleaning -part 1

I’m up to my elbows in spring cleaning and actually, maybe, just a bit, enjoying it. The music is on, the windows are open, the laundry is hung, and I’ve got Boo following me around to help point out everything that is “dirty (it’s her new favorite word, and she gets to use it a lot). Usually I hate cleaning because the task just seems so insurmountable, but this year everything seems much more manageable (thank goodness for a small house).  My absolute favorite web-site has all these handy spring cleaning tips, but I found this daily/weekly/monthly checklist to be the most helpful.  This is taken straight from Apartment Therapy’s website:

Daily Schedule:

    1. Make Bed.
    1. Wash dishes.
    1. Put clothes away.
    1. Sort mail.
    1. Clear answering machine.
    1. Clean all kitchen surfaces
    1. Take out full garbage.

Weekly Schedule:

    1. Clear all surfaces (put odds and ends away).
    1. Wash clothing, take in dry cleaning.
    1. Take out recycling.
    1. Change sheets.
    1. Water plants.
    1. Clean bathroom and kitchen.
    1. Quick-vacuum all floors.

Monthly Schedule:

    1. Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors.
    1. Flip mattresses.
    1. Clear out refrigerator.

Every Three Months:

    1. Wash windows.
    1. Declutter refrigerator, front door, bulletin board, etc.

Every Six Months:

    1. Spring cleaning (April or May)
    1. Fall Cleaning (October)

* Perform deep treatment on your home: clean and declutter, change seasonal clothing, clean out drawers, closets, under-sink storage, purge clothing, extra CDs, DVDs, books, and furniture.

Last year I was overly keen and did a rather foolish thing – I decided to clean Martha Stewart style.  Yes, that is a three page detailed check-list! Oh Martha, relax.


2 thoughts on “spring cleaning -part 1

  1. Deni Lyn says:

    Love this checklist. Although, it saddens me that some folks only need to mop and vacuum once a month. I have to do it twice a week! Argh!

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