I woke up in a bad mood this morning.  It might have a little something to do with my recent addiction to Game of Thrones… I finished watching Season 1 within 24 hours (it is 10 episodes, each an hour long) two weekends ago and this past weekend Season 2 started.  Warning: Spoiler Alert… don’t read further if you are still working your way through the first season/book!!  I am ridiculously furious at Joffrey for killing my favourite character, Ned.  I get angry just thinking about him.  And last night I had a nightmare that I was in the Game of Thrones – I was trying to convince Joffrey how cruel he was and how it was important to be nice to others.

Nightmares kind of ruin my mornings.

So in an attempt to shake off my dark cloud, I did what always works.  Run. It’s my therapy and makes me so happy.  I’m not brilliant at it though… I’ll meet at least twenty other runners – and when I see one up ahead, I always pick up my pace, stop breathing so hard, and give a casual wave that says “Oh hey there!  Look at how fast I’m going and I’m not even breaking a sweat.  And I’m absolutely not going to stop or slow to a casual walk as soon as you pass.”  We wave at each other, smile, and have moment where we feel like we’re both part of a very cool club… or at least I do.  I also have two fabulous girlfriends who have outfitted me in LuLuLemon clothes for my birthday – that also helps me play the part of a “runner”.

Another thing that cheers me up immensely: D.R. bought a condo in my building!  Her future home is gorgeous with big windows overlooking the park, hardwood floors, and the added perk of having me live upstairs.  I don’t know if she knows what she is getting into because I really, really like hanging out with her.

And lastly, the other thing that I’ve grown very fond of is all those positive quotes people keep pining on Pinterest!  I can waste hours going through all of them … some just make me smile and many others I declare as the new mantra of my life!

Here are a few that made my list of favourites… Enjoy!

And here’s my favourite:

Happy Easter everyone!!


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