Stolen inspiration

Lately, for style inspiration, I’ve been switching my VOGUE’s for a little GQ*.  I’ve always been a fan of tomboy-ish style and in the past my wardrobe has always had a healthy mix of menswear in it.  Sometimes I even swipe shirts from my hubby, just because I can (and we are are similar in size?).

These days, men are becoming more and more stylish and I’m loving the looks on them, but also find them very fitting for women. This month GQ published their Style Bible and I’m loving every bit of it.  For example, style advice from Dolce and Gabbana? Totally cliche, but applicable to all genders.

“It’s simple: Everyone should have a black blazer.”—Domenico Dolce

“The best style advice came from my parents: Be honest. Just be yourself.”—Stefano Gabbana

Other things that are popping up unisex: minty (colored) clothes, a love of all MadMen fashion, and colored denim.  I could wear them all!

Do you have any favorite looks that you’ve swiped from the opposite gender? 

Check out the following links for more mens-inspired fashion, or just raid your man’s closet.

The GQ Spring 2012 Trend Report Wear It Now:

The GQ 100 Style:

*I should note, I’m not a huge fan of the magazine. Most often, I find it a touch pretentious and degrading to women. But I can still like the clothes…


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