women behaving badly. really badly.

 The other day I, along with some equally foolish girlfriends, made a horrid mistake. We watched The Real Housewives of Vancouver. It. Was. The.Worst.

We should have known better. The entire series of Real Houswives is bad, but I thought, or hoped, that these Canadian adults would be a little more… human, but they were so much worse than their American counterparts.

These moronic women (I don’t know names or numbers)  looked ridiculous walking through Whistler, B.C.  in diamonds and gowns ranting and raving about the fresh air as if they had never breathed before. They sounded like cows and chickens when they squawked at each other over endless bottles of wine. And they made high school girls look downright saintly the way they talked about and treated each other. It was downright embarrassing to watch grown women behave like this. If they wanted to come across as successful glamorous women, they failed miserably. They only made me feel really bad for their young daughters who don’t stand a chance at having a healthy relationship with themselves, their family, their friends, or their partner.

It was shameful to see  grown women behaving (and dressing) so badly. They should know better. And so should we. So we turned off the t.v.

They’re as fake as they look. And so so mean.

AAAAnd here’s a fun post from the Toronto Sun which outlines how you too can be a real (pathetic) housewife in 10 easy steps.  Here’s a sample:

Act like you’re in high school

Pretend the 25 years since prom never happened and any maturity, wisdom, and new perspective on life have disappeared. Replace this void with cattiness towards other women. Be the Mean Girl you were as a teen, or the one you promised yourself you would never become. Treat the whole world as if they are standing in the way of your homecoming-queen crown. For inspiration, look no further than Beverly Hills housewife Kim Richards who hid another cast member’s crutches to torment her at a party.   –Toronto Sun


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