Sunday Best

Remember when ‘Sunday best’ meant hats, gloves, shined shoes, and a whole lot of class? I vaguely remember. I remember special Easter hats that Jo and I wore only on Easter Sunday (I think they were faux plastic straw…). I remember matching black patent leather shoes with bows. I remember curlers being put in our hair Saturday evening.  But I also remember the grunge phase of the ’90s and going to church with ripped jeans and plaid tied around my waist.

Now, in spring of 2012, I think I am going to try and revive my ‘Sunday best’ style. I have a closet full of skirts and dresses that have never been worn. This Sunday I go all out.

Here are some Sunday styles I’m loving that are classy, cool, and comfortable:

What are your favorite Sunday looks and staples?

Also, check out these celebrities on their way to church. Michelle Obama and her family always look classic good, same with Reese Witherspoon. Gwen Stefani is never traditional, but she’s classy and appropriate while still maintaining her cool. Camilla Alves just exudes feminity and beauty and everything I want to be and am not. And good effort by the Kardashian crew, but they never seem to get it quite right…


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