And the ants go marching 2 by 2…

Hurrah!  Hurrah!

It is picnic season!

My condo faces a park that is filled with life throughout the summer… flame throwers, tight rope walkers, drummers… It is the place to be.

I love summer for so many reasons and one of them is the chance for picnics!  Summer is just around the corner and here are some recipes and pictures that have given me inspiration…

{summer picnic cucumber lemon vodka}


{picnic table with a drink chiller built in}


{healthy & delicious greek salad skewers}


{gluten free tomato tart with parmesan-rosemary crust}


{globe lights strung from trees}


{So simple!  Grab some glass jars and wire and simply wrap wire around
the top of the jars, bending a length of wire over the top to use as
a handle, and then tie each wire handle to the length
of twine, string, or ribbon at even intervals and hang. Voila!}

{a table set for kings & queens}



{fresh & pretty}
{easy centrepieces; just snip the stems off your favourite flowers and
place them in a shallow serving platter or bowl}
Check out Eat Drink Pretty for more fantastic ideas on a spring, outdoor dinner party!
{she includes a recipe for the cake pictured above!}
And last but not least, don’t forget your awesome picnic basket!

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