Going green. part 1

It’s the week leading up to Earth Day! And in growing anticipation of such an important day, I’ve decided to post some daily eco-tips. No doubt you’re as excited as I am, so feel free to post your green tips too. I’d love to glean some new ideas!

1. No more plastic bags. No more paper bags. No more throw-away bags of any sort. Most of us are pretty good at bringing our own bags grocery shopping, but we’re a little more negligent about bringing them with us when we’re shopping for shoes, clothes, etc. etc.  Yes, sometimes the packaging is almost as pretty as the product, but really, what are you going to do with a bag even if it is embossed with Chanel?

Sometimes we justify that plastic bag because we will reuse it for garbage. No need. Dump your dry garbage directly into your garbage bin, and most wet (food scraps) garbage can be composted (more on that later…).

There’s no need for that deadly little plastic bag to ever enter your house. Plus, with all these crazy cute and compact bags out there, why settle for less?

My absolute favorite shopping bag is the FEED Project bags. They are super cool, can be customized, and support a good cause. I’m totally getting Boo the trick-or-treat bag for Halloween. Too awesome.


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