Because I have a daughter…

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with raising a daughter. I worry about this. A lot. Sometimes she’ll flip through my fashion magazines and say “pity” (pretty) to the models, she’ll wander through the house gabbing on her (Hubby’s) iphone, or receive 1000 compliments describing her beauty and none about her intelligence or kindness.  Will this damage her?

I don’t want her to grow up thinking she’s only valued and good enough if… I don’t want her thinking other girls around her are only valued and good enough if…  Our little girls deserve better. And it’s our responsibility as moms, parents, and society to ensure this. That’s a lot of pressure, but I’m up for the challenge.

Here’s a heartbreaking and inspiring video. Let’s make sure motivation and drive doesn’t peak at 8 years old. Let’s make sure every daughter feels awesome about herself at 12 years. And beyond.

Let’s start by being role models.


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