green challenge #5

5. Replace disposables with reusables.  It’s amazing how much trash we buy. Nowadays there’s a throw-out option for just about anything and everything. Why would you buy something knowing you’ll just have to throw it out right away? For some reason, this is a major selling feature…  But I digress. Today, try to replace some of your disposables with the higher quality, cost-efficient, way more stylish and creative, enviro-loving reusables. Sure, it might require a bit of work, but don’t let laziness scare you away!

I’ve swiped some ideas from the Internet to help get us get started.

  • Replace plastic water bottles with stainless steel ones.
  • Replace tissues with a handkerchief (this is not as gross as you think. plus handkerchiefs are so old-school cool)
  • Replace paper napkins with cloth
  • Good bye tampons. Hello Diva Cup.
  • Styrofoam is scary. Use a real coffee mug or reusable food containers to transport your leftovers.
  • Replace saran wrap with a lid.
  • Replace baby wipes with wet washcloths or rags (even hospitals do this because it’s so much better for your baby)
  • Replace disposable diapers and pull-ups with cloth.  They are so easy and so stylish. Proof. 
  • Use rags instead of paper towels.
  • Use plastic food containers instead of ziploc bags.
  • Use a metal razor instead of a disposable (if you’re a man, this is really stylish and manly)
  • Refuse plastic utensils. Carry your own set.

There are a thousand other great reusable ideas and products out there. What are you doing and using to help decrease your trash?

 Today let’s practice saying no and decrease the trash we let into our lives.  Good luck!


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