No thanks, I’ll pass.

Yesterday I shared my top 5 favorite looks for spring. Today I am going to share my top 5 least favorite looks for spring. Please bear in mind that this is simply a post of personal preference. If you love one of these trends, rock it. I’m sure you look amazing.

1. Peplum. This trend just confuses me. It makes clothes look ill-fitted and uncomfortable. And it’s just a little too 80’s for me.



2. Pajamas. I get that sometimes it’s hard to roll out of bed and get dressed, but this is taking it too far. No matter how beautiful these women are, they look ridiculous wearing pj’s and heels out in public. I don’t care how comfortable this look is, I hate it.

3. Sleeveless jackets. I don’t get this trend either. What’s the point of wearing a jacket at all if you remove the sleeves? Apparently this is a very DIY-style. Just cut the sleeves off your favorite blazer. Why, why, why?



4. Ankle straps. I’ll admit, there are some pretty cool ankle strap shoes out there, but I always strive to make my legs look longer, not shorter, and those ankle straps don’t help.




5. Choker. This is without a doubt my least favorite look out there right now and I’m surprised it’s making a comeback.  I’d rather wrap myself in a sleeveless pajama top with a peplum mini skirt and the thickest ankle strap shoes ever than wear a choker. Even the name sounds ugly.

Isn’t fashion fun, and perhaps a little risky? What styles are you avoiding this season?


4 thoughts on “No thanks, I’ll pass.

  1. Jessica says:

    I agree with ALL of the above. Especially the pajamas. What the what?

    The style that I’m avoiding this season is coloured jeans. Not because I don’t like them, but because I can’t wear them. I wish I had the long skinny legs that this look requires. When I tried a pair on they resembled overstuffed sausage casings. I’ve accepted that I’ll just have to watch this one go by from the sidelines.

    • starfishandsnowflake says:

      i totally agree with the colored denim dilemma. the pastel shades, no matter how lovely, are pretty tough to pull off. i compensated by buying boo a cute pair of pastel pink jeans. she can pull them off better than me. but i’m trying the red, that’s as brave as i can get.
      thanks for sharing!

  2. Ron says:

    If memory serves, a jacket without sleeves can also be called “a vest” and then perhaps it is more acceptable. The important thing is that the the vest (note the transition from sleeveless jacket) is the right size. Too loose and it looks like a sleeveless jacket that belonged to your dad…..actually that is the same way it looks if it is too small, like it belongs to someone else.

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