children are the new accessory

First look: LANVIN Tulle dress, $1,200, and taffeta coat, $1,570, both at Barneys. Rachel Riley ballet flats, $190. Second look: BURBERRY Trench coat, $375 at Bergdorf Goodman; kilt, $180 at Bloomingdale’s. Converse sneakers, $32.
Photos: New York Times

I’ll admit, I’m as much a sucker for kids’ clothing as the next person. I have a little girl, which means I’m probably an even bigger sucker than most. And with summer just around the corner I do get a little excited looking at all of Boo’s sundresses, sandals, and swimwear. I like to lay out adorable little outfits for her  and I get a tad disappointed when she insists on dressing herself and dons some hot pink fuzzy sparkly stained poly-spandex-rayon pair of sweatpants. Sigh.

Yup, kids fashion can be fun. Maybe even more fun than adult fashion. It’s also a lot more ridiculous -in price, style, and design. Who doesn’t want their daughter to wear a $1,200 Lanvin tulle shift, with a strand of faux pearls knotted in tulle, while playing in the sandbox? What?!?

It’s true. Luxury children’s wear is on the rise. Big time. Children are the ultimate fashion accessory, and this makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

A mother recently interviewed for an article in the NYTimes stated, “children should be children and not little brand ambassadors or, in the current parlance, “prostitots.” She said: “I can’t bear advertising on children. And why would a child need to have anything remotely sexy? To me, it’s unethical.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Boo shouldn’t be a mini-version of me, and I shouldn’t be a big version of her. Instead, we’ll dress our age and stick to our thrift store classics. And I guess I will let her wear what she wants when she wants, within reason of course.  After all, you only get to be a kid once.

But if you don’t agree, check out this slideshow on ridiculously expensive luxury goods for your child. Some of them really are beautiful…

Philip Lim, for women, kids, or both.


4 thoughts on “children are the new accessory

  1. averagechildhood says:

    It’s hard to justify the price on something they could grow out of in a day. (But soooooo cute) But I wouldn’t dress my daughter in a matching outfit, I’m already getting out-shone when I’m with her!

  2. Christine says:

    Pretty, pretty stuff. I confess I have a little tom boy on my hands, but she loves the freedom of wearing dresses in the spring and summer. They have such fabulous choices at all price points for little ones… I have found no need to go to high-end retailers for The Kidling. Which means even more good stuff for her.

    Your images are gorgeous. The Philip Lim… Swoon.


    • starfishandsnowflake says:

      I’m so excited for sundress season. We’re in an awkward growth phase where she’s shot up but hasn’t put on the weight so none of her pants stay up. Sundresses are so practical and easy. And she loves them. Today she insisted on wearing two of them. She likes the layered look as much as I do!
      thanks for readings!

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