getting crafty

Happy Monday!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to participate in a sewing workshop.  Normally, this would be my definition of worst. weekend. ever. because I usually hate sewing, but weird things have been happening to me lately and I’ve had this strong urge to get crafty. Maybe it’s because I have all these crazy talented friends who keep making crazy wonderful things (and then share them with me!). Maybe it’s because I want my daughter to have a mom with skills. Maybe it’s just pinterest. Whatever it is, I’ve got it. The craft bug.

Anyway, this wasn’t just any sewing workshop. Sue Kim, a designer is testing out new patterns for a new book and she needed people to help her test them out. After seeing some of her work, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I brought some fabric, thread, and absolutely zero sewing skills to the workshop and had an amazing time. I walked away with the cutest pair of red shoes for Boo.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend riding my craft high and making my mom fix my endless mistakes. I hate to brag, but I get such few opportunities to do it that I’m going to do it anyway. Ta Da!  

  • Also check out Paisley Puffin for the cutest in crocheted items and Little Fawn Designs for the cutest in little girl hair accessories.I’m jealous of these moms and their mad skills.
  • Aaaand if you find yourself being more annoyed than motivated at pinterest, find comfort (and humor) here. You’re not the only one.


One thought on “getting crafty

  1. Andrea says:

    Yay for handcrafted beauty! Well done on the cute shoes for Boo.
    Today I made a quick pair of “princess” slippers for each kid. The ones that came in the dress up set didn’t accomodate my tall daughter’s feet. One chose red heart buttons and one chose bells to decorate the toes 🙂 They look so home made.
    p.s. I’m madly in love with the dollies you made.

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