Tuesday Top 5

1. Steve Martin on Twitter (@SteveMartinToGo).  I’m not on Twitter. I don’t really understand it and after blogging, facebooking, and pinning, I think the Internet has had enough of me.  But every now and then I like to check in on Steve. He’s hilarious and a little bit genius.




2. Robins. This is the first year I’m really truly noticing and appreciating the birds. In the past they’ve just been background noise, but this year they’ve been magical music. Boo loves them, and her excitement for them has rubbed off on me.  We can’t get through breakfast without “Shhh Mommy, birdies singing.”  Then she will happily tweet along with them at full volume.

3. Mail. Real mail. Not emails, tweets, or texts. Not bills, flyers, or magazine subscriptions. Real letters, preferably hand written. Snail mail is so worth the wait. And we’re pretty pumped about the new Franklin stamps coming soon.


4. Homemade. It seems spring brings with it an abundance of celebrations -babies, weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Yes, I know these happen all year long, but there seems to be a surge come spring. And so many of these celebrations require thoughtful gifts. I’m loving the homemade trend. These days everybody is showing off and sharing their talents and it’s putting cheap plastic Walmart crap to shame. And it’s no biggie if you lack the time or skill to craft it up -just hit up etsy.

5. Royal wedding re-cap.  They celebrated a successful year of marriage, void of any scandal or controversy, on April 29. Now the world watches for the first signs of a baby. Yikes, such pressure.


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