A Sensory Assault

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of these signs popping up. They’re in the library, school, church,  even the concert hall and every time I see them I breath a small sigh of relief.  I’ve joined the growing number of people who have scent sensitivities and while I don’t break out in a body full of hives when I walk through the perfume section of a department store, I do get a serious headache. Boo also appears irritated by strong chemical scents. After a long cuddle with a perfume spritzer she has red and irritated eyes and an overpowering smell that masks her original scent of baby clean.

But with every scent-free zone popping up, there appears to be another celeb-endorsed perfume hitting the market. This baffles me. Firstly, who wants to smell like Jennifer Aniston’s synthetic version of the beach anyway? Especially if it bans you from public spaces and makes your company feel queasy?

I can’t help but wonder, will perfume-wearers become societies future outcasts, much like today’s smokers? Is this a good thing? I kinda think so, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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