sweet tooth cravings

This week I’ve been craving some homemade cinnamon buns. They are, without a doubt, one of my favorite foods though I seldom make them because the task just seems too daunting to me. But this week, with the weather being cold and gray, Boo and I decided to be brave and master the art of cinnamon buns.

We started our venture at the library where we stocked up on glossy Bon Appetit! magazines, but after looking at their extensive ingredient list and ridiculous instructions, we opted for an easier recipe from a tried and true cook book, Mennonite Girls Can Cook.  And boy, can they ever!

The cinnamon buns were a culinary success. Sure, we burnt a batch, dumped a pile of flour on the floor and Boo ate about half of the sugar mixture, but they were delicious even before we drowned them with icing.

But we didn’t stop there. Boo and I kept going. We spent our mornings whipping up Menno classics (yum, platz!) and our afternoons calming down from a sugar high while avoiding the mounting kitchen mess (Hubby eventually broke down and cleaned it up).  It was a wonderful week and we hope yours was too.

Here is a quick platz recipe for those needing a little comfort food this weekend. My favorite fruit filling is gooseberries or rhubarb but any fruit, fresh or frozen, tastes amazing.

Oh, and look what’s popping up in my garden. Perfect timing.


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