a worthwhile weekend

There’s nothing better than a really good laugh, and my weekend was full of them.  Come Sunday evening my cheeks actually hurt from smiling and laughing so hard. That’s good pain. And my face is filled with new creases from laughing so hard my face crumpled up. Totally worth it.

Nothing overly hilarious happened this weekend. No banana peel slips, no Jerry Seinfeld stand up. Nope, just really good friends and family, and oh, a brand new website discovery.

Normally, I don’t read the comics. I haven’t really found them funny since Calvin and Hobbes.  But this new web-comic had me busting a gut. Gonorrhea and Diarrhea? Hilarious.  I can tell some lines are going to be crossed here. It’s gonna be good.

Also, it was Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, so I hope everyone had a chance to add to their collection.


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